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What Is Incense Cedar?

Incense Cedar is a highly durable wood with significant insulative value. It has a subtle, pleasant aroma.

Our product is available in either solid or "pecky" form. Pecky Cedar is a form of Incense Cedar that has an unusual, natural textured surface that is caused by a fungus during the tree's growth. This fungus imparts a decorative effect that is strikingly unique. Unlike other fungi, Pecky Cedar ceases to decay the wood after the tree is harvested and processed, leaving the beautiful appearance without compromising the strength, durability and longevity of the wood.

Unique Incense Cedar Adds Warmth

The qualities of Incense Cedar can be imparted to many parts of the home. The wood can be machined to a smooth silken finish, sandblasted to accentuate the grain, or distressed for an antique look. It is a warm light brown when left unfinished, sealing brings out the red tones of the wood, and when placed on the exterior, it becomes a soft driftwood gray.

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